Dr. Georgia Gkantona, BSc, MSc, PhD

I graduated from the Department of Psychology of the University of Athens and continued my postgraduate studies in School-Evolutionary Psychology at the Aristotle University. As the focus of the postgraduate program was child psychology, and working with children, I realized that children’s difficulties were to a large extent related to the way their family worked. So I started my education in Family Psychiatric Psychotherapy at the Center for Family Psychotherapy in Thessaloniki and in the Western Psychiatric Hospital of the Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki.

In 2007 I supported my Ph.D. dissertation in Adult Adult Counseling and later on I completed my Systemic Family Psychotherapy training. Having already returned to Athens, I opened a private psychologist’s office by working with counseling and psychotherapists with children, adults and families.

As the way to become a good psychotherapist goes through his personal psychotherapy at the same time he has been a member of a therapeutic group for five years, the last two of which were at AKMA, the oldest center in Europe that has practiced family psychotherapy. I have also done over four years of individual psychotherapy.

At that stage I greatly enriched my clinical experience through my work as a psychologist at Epakmos boarding house, Psychargo’s structure, which hosted people who had been hospitalized in public psychiatric hospitals. There I worked for five years applying a multilevel intervention methodology based on principles of General Systems.

In 2012 I moved to Preveza, where I continued to be a psychologist, working psychotherapically with children, adults and families. My private practice has been greatly influenced in recent years by Narrative Psychology and Interactive Approaches to Psychotherapy.

In addition, in recent years I have various external collaborations with local authorities such as TEI of Epirus (teaching Psychology courses in its departments and consulting services at the Interconnection Office), the Municipality of Preveza (the position of a psychologist at the daycare centers of the Municipality), the National Center Public Administration & Self-government (teaching of psychology courses in civil servants training programs) One of my most notable collaborations is with the Center for Systemic Therapy & Counseling (KESSYTHES) in Ioannina, from 2010 until now, as a trainer, supervisor and coordinator of groups of professionals trained in Systemic Family Psychotherapy.

In research, I have dealt with the study of the contribution of important systems of relationships (eg family, friends) to improving its functionality (social, emotional, academic / professional etc), research activities for systemic methods , by applying the interactive approaches to psychotherapeutic practices. I have presented many of the relevant research results at conferences and publications (see publications).

I am a member of the Hellenic Psychological Society (ELPSE), the Hellenic Society for Systemic and Family Therapy (ELESYTH), the Northern Greece Systemic Society (SEVE), the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA) and the International Society for Dialogical Science (ISDS).