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Carreer counselling – Carreer orientation

In recent years, service provision needs have increased in the field of professional counseling, as rapid economic, social and political developments make professional decisions decisive for the quality of life of the individual. Research has shown that for young people today, work is not only a means of economic independence, but also a means of expressing personal potentials and self-fulfillment. At the same time, the concept of lifelong career development has become more widely accepted.
In this context, for those at the end of puberty or early adulthood, career guidance issues are of primary importance, as they face dilemmas such as “I do not know what my profession suits”, “Which professions suit me but which demand in the labor market “” I do not know whether I am suitable for the profession I have chosen “. At this stage, young people are invited to make professional choices and make important decisions about their professional life.
• Thus, through the professional orientation the young person can identify:
• Its capabilities, interests, inclinations and talents
• Personality features that can be improved
• the professions and the specializations that suit him / her
• personality features related to professional preferences
• the expectations he / she has of himself / herself
• the expectations of the environment by himself / herself in order to make appropriate educational and professional choices

The process of professional orientation is done through individual and family sessions, completing special questionnaires, experiential exercises and career guidance. In particular, the Ariston test is a pioneering experienced Vocational Guidance system that explores the personality, skills and interests of each individual and identifies those professions that suit him as well as the corresponding departments of the Greek educational system (AEI, TEI). On the basis of the above, the young person can decide on the studies and the profession to follow to ensure a successful career.

Career counseling

The goal of career guidance is not to provide information or solve the client’s problem in a guiding way. Through the creation of a qualitative and cooperative relationship with features such as acceptance, understanding, trust and care, the counselor tries to help customers:
• acquire the ability to review and re-orient the choices of their professional career and life
• guiding themselves and acting decisively in shaping their professional career
• make professional choices that have a personal meaning so that they can enjoy their life.

Career counseling can be done on an individual or group basis. A relevant group includes:

• Debate on what is worrying about the future
• Exchange of views on business data
• Discussions about dilemmas about educational prospects
• Exploration of professional prospects & expectations
• Active listening to the view and the thoughts of others about things that concern me
• Identify educational and professional goals
• Formulation of future projects
• Identify the appropriate options
• Co-build my business map.

Online counselling sessions

You can talk to me online about issues that you are doing.