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Couples therapy – Marriage counselling

A couple in the course of their relationship is likely to face a critical situation as it is in the face of developmental requirements (marriage plans, attempts to obtain a child), negative life events (death of a familiar person, professional problems), special circumstances immigrant families, reconstituted families, intercultural weddings) or simply difficulties in managing everyday life.

Through the treatment of a couple, the spouses / comrades can:
• Express and listen to each other
• Understand how they interact with each other
• To learn to resolve their disputes constructively
• They can see the relationship through a new perspective
• They are deprived of the way they have worked so far
• Form new forms of communication.

Each session lasts about 60 minutes and the number and frequency of sessions depends on the couple’s needs. The therapist tries to facilitate the couple’s communication, does not decide who is right and tries to maintain a neutral view without taking part of one of the two companions.

Online counselling sessions

You can talk to me online about issues that you are doing.