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Family counselling

Systemic family therapy is an internationally recognized form of psychotherapy and is effective both in cases where the reported problem is found in relationships between members (eg, the couple’s relationship, parent-child relationship) and families reporting that an individual member works in a problematic way (eg a spouse or child).
This is because the family members are in a continuous dynamic interaction between them, which is governed by cyclical causality, with the behavior of one influencing and shaping the behavior of other members but also influencing and shaping it. Thus, each behavior is perceived as an interaction that contains messages about member relationships.

In the first sessions, the aim is to explore the relational structure of the family, to identify beliefs, values, principles and family culture in general, and to understand the interaction of members. From this process, the functionality of the problem that the family has asked for is emerging.

With the expression of all family members and the dialogue set out in circular questions, an attempt is made to instil new insights into family members, activate their stocks and move to more functional forms of interaction that meet their needs and will shape new prospects leaving behind the problem.

The frequency of meetings is good every two to four weeks, as this time is appropriate for the family to digest the new information that comes from the sessions.

Online counselling sessions

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