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Group counselling

Group psychotherapy requires a group of 6 to 10 people and is a long-term therapeutic process. The members of the group emotionally approach each other through their similarities (feel they are not the only ones who have such problems, find acceptance, understanding) and evolve through their differences (eg by listening to different ways problems that are similar to theirs). It is a healing laboratory in which through the connection with others the individual processes his experiences, manages his difficulties, builds his interpersonal relationships and co-manufactures solutions and prospects for the future.

The meetings last about two hours and take place on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Usually the client should have had some individual sessions before to determine his / her request and the issues he / she has to deal with.
Typically the following groups are formed, to which any interested person may join, by mutual agreement with the psychologist:

• Personal and professional development team
• Group on partnership
• Group for parents of young children

Online counselling sessions

You can talk to me online about issues that you are doing.