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Personal counselling

In individual psychotherapy, the patients have different demands. Some of the issues that may be a request for a psychotherapeutic collaboration with me are:

• phobias, panic attacks, psychosomatic symptoms
• emotional disorders such as depression
• unresolved wounds from the past
• Problems in relationships with parents, their spouse or their children
• personal dilemmas and difficulty in making decisions
• personal development and “self-awareness”

Often, one problem is related to others and the person asks for help to manage complex situations.

The process of individual psychotherapy is a process based on a relationship of collaboration between the psychologist and the client. During this process through the therapeutic dialogue the client is assisted:

• Express his thoughts and feelings
• process his / her personal story
• make connections to understand it better
• give her the meaning that helps him make changes that make him work and feel better.

Each session lasts about an hour. The number and frequency of sessions are determined by the type of request and the needs of the client.

Online counselling sessions

You can talk to me online about issues that you are doing.